Blendtopia Launches Equity Crowdfunding Raise


Blendtopia has teamed up with MicroVentures to launch an equity crowdfunding campaign that launches TODAY. Blendtopia is thrilled to raise on a crowdfunding platform because it gives their customers, supporters and fans an opportunity to own equity in their company. Click here to view.

“We’re here today because of our loyal customer base who has fueled and supported us since day one.” – Tiffany Taylor, Founder 

Blendtopia, the makers of organic, functional-based ready-to-blend superfood smoothies, has hit some major milestones in the past 12 months and the time has come to raise investment capital to fund expansion as a national retail brand.

Blendtopia, Ready-To-Blend Smoothie Kits


  1. Launched online store in 2016 – nationwide direct delivery
  2. National retail distribution in Q4 2017 – UNFI
  3. National Whole Foods brand in Q2 2018
  4. Debuted at Expo West in the Hot Products Pavilion in 2018
  5. 100% year-over-year revenue growth annually since 2015
  6. Currently selling in 1,000+ retail stores nationwide

Fueled by a passion for clean eating, Founder Tiffany Taylor, a Raw Food and Holistic Nutritionist, set out to create a product line unlike anything else on the market. Her smoothie kits set the bar for ‘clean convenience’. Learn more about Tiffany and how Blendtopia started here.


Blendtopia x MicroVentures

The crowdfunding raise is officially live! Click here to view. We’re inviting you to join Blendtopia today. We would be delighted and honored to have you take part in building our brand and sharing in our success.

Believe in our brand, our products, and our mission?

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“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.”  –  Leonardo Da Vinci

Tiffany Taylor, Founder & CEO

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