This Ingredient Is The NEXT Buzzworthy Collagen-Boosting Superhero


With trending topics like CBD, adaptogens, the keto diet and your gut’s microbiome, it’s hard to keep up in the wellness world these days. I get it, trust me. If you don’t live, eat, sleep and breathe ‘wellness trends’ you might blink your eyes and miss something. Another reason to follow our blog (wink wink).

I will say, there’s certainly some validity to these wellness trends and a great deal of research + education efforts are being made to support them. As consumers, we’re tired of having the wool pulled over our eyes. Transparency now more than ever is the ‘hottest trend’ out there and this makes me oh so happy.

More On Collagen

Everyone seems to be looking for the fountain of youth these days. The collagen craze hit several years ago and has now gone so mainstream that you’re seeing beef, chicken and marine collagen popping up in products everywhere, even in places you wouldn’t expect.

While I have no issue with the idea of boosting collagen production, I do believe collagen is being over commercialized. Why not go straight to the source ‘naturally’ and make your own organic bone broth at home?

I’ve got several issues with collagen. One, it’s not vegan or vegetarian-friendly. Two, the majority of products on the market are highly processed. Please read those labels!

Say Hello to Bamboo

As I said, I have no issue with boosting collagen as long as it’s done clean and naturally. When it comes to ‘vegan’ collagen there aren’t too many options since collagen itself is animal-based (beef, chicken or marine).

However, you can dramatically boost collagen in a vegan-friendly way with bamboo. It could quite possibly be the next ‘superhero’ ingredient and/or supplement and we’re proud to announce that it’s in our newly reformulated superfood smoothie, GLOW.


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Bamboo: A Collagen Boosting Superhero

Two things are needed to help boost collagen: vitamin C and silica. Your body doesn’t produce either naturally so you do have to look to food, supplement or topical sources.

Silica is a naturally occurring mineral found in water, plant and animal sources. Plant sources provide much higher levels of silica than animal sources and bamboo possesses the richest amount of silica of any plant (70-75%). The more commonly known horsetail or stinging nettle only contain 3-5% silica.


Essential to your body, silica provides stronger bones, increased joint flexibility, healthier hair, enhanced skin elasticity and more durable nails. Silica also enhances the overall health benefits of vitamin D, glucosamine and calcium.

Silica is vital for the optimal synthesis of collagen and for activating hydroxylation enzymes. Supporting your collagen network will improve your skin strength and elasticity, and it is suggested that strands of hair with higher silicon content tend to have a lower rate of falling out and have greater brightness. Your nails are also positively affected by the presence of silica and collagen, and healthy nails will boost your appearance and prevent infections.

So with bamboo extract being 75% silica, along with vitamin C, you have a dream team combo that’s vegan-friendly.

Benefits of Bamboo Silica

  • Supports collagen production contributing to a more glowing and healthier skin appearance
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Strengthens bones
  • Increases connective tissue
  • Helps overall joint flexibility
  • Assists in preventing hair thinning
  • Encourages hair growth
  • Alleviates eczema and psoriasis
  • Improves hair condition & luster
  • Protects & strengthens nails


We know there’s a tremendous number of people looking for clean, collagen-boosting products and/or supplements that are vegan-friendly. We’re ‘SUPER’ fans of bamboo and the amazing effects it has on the body.

If you’re looking for a high quality, bamboo extract supplement, check out Garden of Life’s collagen builder.

As always, please share your feedback and thoughts with us. We always love hearing from you!

Healthy Blessings,

The Blendtopia Team xx 


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