5 FUN Ways to Work Out

Remember the days when working out didn’t feel like you were even working out? Maybe you were on the football or baseball team. Maybe you played volleyball or took gymnastics. It was fun and motivating AND rewarding! You were having so much fun that you didn’t even realize that you were exercising. As a kid there was nothing quite like the excitement of trampoline day at gymnastics or rock climbing at summer camp. Even though those days have come and gone, why should the fun stop? Time to channel your inner child and shake up your exercise routine.

In today’s post, we share some of our top ideas for adding a little spark into your workout routine and making things fun again! While living in an area that offers a complete variety of these options is a plus, we’ve also made sure to include some ideas that should be offered almost anywhere.

Aerial Yoga

An aerial yoga class will have you so intrigued and relaxed you won’t even be thinking about the major workout you’re getting in. Aerial yoga is performed in silky hammocks fastened to the ceiling that are designed to support your entire body weight. Aerial yoga immediately engages your core muscles making it an amazing workout for your abs. When you take your workout off the ground, you shift your point a stability to your core. Aerial yoga used to be one of those trendy workouts you’d only be able to find in larger cities like NYC or LA but as popularity grew, so did availability.

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Trampoline Workouts

A true throwback for all the gymnasts, it’s time for the trampoline to make its return. Continuously jumping around is actually an awesomely insane workout. Most trampoline parks will offer weekly classes that you can take to get your bounce on. As a bonus on the weekends, you can take the kids for a fun day they will love AND still get your workout in.

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Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is dedicated to all those retired tree climbing monkeys out there. Jokes aside, rock climbing is an intense workout that combines both physical and mental control. Take strength training, endurance, agility, balance and combine them all into one workout and voila… you have rock climbing.

Many indoor climbing walls are available for a test run. If you live in a college town, check out the campus gym to see if they have a rock wall. Another benefit of climbing is that once you become comfortable enough with your skills, you can take them out outdoors where the world becomes your gymnasium.

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Playground Workouts and Boot Camps

Playground monkey bars and tires swings aren’t just for kids, oh no! They offer the platform to be an entire gym for free. Tire swings can be used as a support for leg workouts such as leg criss-crosses, knee tucks and leg planks. Monkey bars are a great tool for strengthening core and upper-body muscles. Another perk of hitting up the playground is for boot camp style workouts. Bring a friend and design an obstacle course to complete and get your sweat on. Take turns timing each other and striving for a better time each round.

Consider signing up for an obstacle course run like Tough Mudder and enlist a friend to keep you motivated. Make the training workouts fun.

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Always wanted to try surfing? Now you can get a surfer bod without living remotely near an ocean! Surfset is an innovative class that uses a special surf board that simulates the experience and challenge of surfing. Traditional surfer bodies are known for being lean and strong without being bulky. Surfset challenges your core as well as providing a full body workout. Click here to find a class near you.

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Adding a couple of fun workout alternatives to your usual regime allows you to mix it up and start looking forward to your fitness regimen again.

Share some of your favorite workouts, we love hearing from you!

Happy and healthy blessings,
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